The Stop Leak Standard

“Stop Leak adheres to it’s own standard of excellence in service. In addition to solving your waterproofing issues, we hope to provide you with peace of mind in what can be a stressful time.”

Rich Fleury, Owner


Free Estimates – No Obligation.

Stop Leak always offers free no obligation estimates
There is no one solution for all basement waterproofing problems, and solutions can not be fairly assessed until a visual inspection is made. Many times, recommendations are made which the homeowner can act on, making it unnecessary for contracting our services. A FREE, NO OBLIGATION, written, detailed estimate is provided during this initial consultation. We will discuss the various techniques of basement waterproofing with you, providing clear detail on each service offered and why we have selected a particular method for your home. Each consultation is professionally handled in confidence.

No Surprises – It’s All Included.

Stop Leak ensures that there will never be any waterproofing surprises
Once a decision on the proper solution to your particular basement waterproofing requirements is reached jointly with our Owner, and if you decide to contract with our company, our standard form contract is executed, and the work is scheduled. We accept a deposit with the signing of the contract, and a specific date is recorded on the contract for the work to commence. Your work will be professionally completed by OUR CREW!!! We self perform all of our contract work. We do NOT subcontract our work. An owner is present on your job to insure quality service and handling. There are no extras for unforeseen conditions.


Stop Leak - Always there when you need us
From the minute you dial our number you will receive our quality service, as the owner answers the phone and listens attentively to your needs. Appointments are scheduled with the owner, at your convenience, days, evenings, or Saturdays, within one week of your initial call. Upon arrival, we will inspect the problem areas, and ask you questions to help us better determine the cause of the problem, thereby helping to offer you the best and most economical solution.


We’ll handle the scheduling.

Stop Leak - we'll handle the scheduling
Often times, having water intrusion stopped, involves multiple trades. such as mechanical, electrical, flooring and drywall. A typical job could call for mechanical, electrical, flooring and drywall expertise. The act of waterproofing will impact each of these areas. In order to break up the floor to install a waterproofing system involves removal of carpet and/or tile and someone has to replace them. Perhaps the tile is asbestos. How is that handled? If the interior floor has gotten wet, most times, the wood baseboard and the drywall/paneling have gotten wet, and this will lead to the growth of mold. If a water heater is in the way or a stationary tub, toilet, vanity, bathtub, etc. these need to be moved prior to waterproofing. Who will do this work not to mention who will coordinate the various trades to minimize your exposure?

At Stop leak, our staff is equipped to serve as the point person to help you obtain pricing from QUALIFIED subcontractors and coordinate the scheduling to minimize disturbance to your daily living.