Snow – Outside Drainage


Many homes sit below street level and this can create a serious water intrusion issue into homes and garages. The majority of garages have no drainage system beneath the slab and this can and will lead to major issues including mold, mildew and destroyed personal affects. Water lying on a garage floor is also subject to ponding and freezing, possibly leading to a slip and personal injury. If your garage slab is lower than the road in front of your property, there are several ways to eliminate this risk. One rather simple solution is the installation of a U-Channel Drains to capture the water and channel it away from the garage or direct it to a sump pump where it can be redirected away from the home to a more appropriate location.

These U-Channel drain systems can be installed in asphalt and/or concrete driveways. In addition to being extremely beneficial with regard to handling and redirecting the water, these systems are aesthetically pleasing and in most cases, are hardly noticeable. Easy to clean and maintain are another plus for the use of these systems. The U-Channel drains are designed for vehicles to drive across them. Bottom line, in most cases, U-Channel drains can easily and cost affectively resolve the problem of water flowing into garages.

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