Curbed Wall Replacement


When the customer purchased her new home, excitement filled the air. Unfortunately the exaltation was short lived and quickly turned to concern. Prior to moving in, the homeowner learned of a water intrusion issue in the new homes basement.

Foundation Restoration Specialists, Inc. was called in to asses the situation. The job appeared to be somewhat straightforward, we proposed the installation of a Pressure Relief System, tying into the existing sump pit. However, while jack hammering the floor slab, cracking began to develop in the adjacent curbed wall. The wall had been installed previously during the dig out of the crawl space. Instead of using standard construction practices and either underpinning the existing wall or curbing the wall with a footer, the floor slab had been poured against the shear wall and the new curb wall was set directly on the slab.

Work ceased immediately, the homeowner and realtor were notified and a structural engineer was called in to assess the situation. It was determined that, the substandard construction had caused the shift and subsequent cracking. Unfortunately, this extra work raised the price significantly. Our team moved swiftly to correct the situation. Working with the homeowner and the structural engineer, our team underpinned the wall, installed the Pressure Relief system and then constructed a new block wall to match the remainder of the basement, creating a consistent, aesthetically pleasing look.

Ultimately, the wall was restored to code. Seems that there are no easy projects these days. A tip of the cap to our crew for taking control of a difficult situation.

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