Water Back-Up System


Having a Pressure Relief System in your home is a great way to reduce hydrostatic pressure and prevent the water beneath your basement slab from entering your home. A major component of this type of system is the sump pump. When the power is on, the typical 1/3 or 0.3 horse power sump pump is sufficient. However, what happens if the power goes off in the midst of a heavy storm? The water continues to collect in the sump pit until it reaches the level of the drainpipes. With no electricity powering the pump, the water begins to back up into the pipes and onto the basement floor. In homes with finished basements, the water will be absorbed into the carpet or floor coverings, insulation, drywall and/or wood paneling. That of course is when mold can develop causing big problems.

 One solution to the problem of lost electric power is to install a water back-up system. If your home uses public water (not well water) and your service is a ¾” line with good pressure (generally 40 to 60 PSI), a Liberty Sump Jet or similar water back-up system, is just the answer. Once installed, this pump works on suction and the power of the water service to your home from the public source. Homes rarely (if ever) lose water service. While battery life is limited, a water back-up system provides uninterrupted service, emptying your sump pit and keeping your basement from flooding.


If any of the following apply to you, it may be time to consider a water back-up system:

    • You are frequently traveling or away from home.
    • You live alone or with someone unable to mitigate drainage issues.
    • You live in an area prone to power outages.
    • You’ve had sump pump / drainage issues in the past.
    • You live in a home with a finished basement or a great deal of personal property in the lowest level.


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