Underground Water Collection System



Often the installation of an interior Pressure Relief System creates problems for the ejection of the water collected from beneath the interior slab to the exterior of the home. Water ejected by a home’s sump pump needs to be distributed in a manner, which will not create future problems. If this is done improperly, water can return to the foundation and pond in yards, on sidewalks, and driveways. One method to control this is the installation of an underground collection pit such as an NDS Storm Water Leaching System.
When installing this underground collection pit, the sump pump discharge line is run directly into a collection pit located outside of the home. The leaching system’s pit is typically a large plastic liner with holes in its sides to allow for gradual dissipation. This liner is recessed into the ground and filled with gravel. When the water enters the pit from the sump pump, it collects within the system’s pit before eventually leaching into the surrounding soil.

This method provides for a very clean installation and can save money by eliminating the need for long runs of buried pipes. Under the right conditions, this method can be very cost effective and beneficial to the customer.

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