Outside Drainage Vault



When a local commercial building owner experienced excessive flooding in the parking lot behind his building, he called in the experts at Stop Leak to solve his problem. The parking lot was old and experienced ponding after every rain. The ponding presented a great inconvenience for the customers. Even more concerning, was the potential for icy conditions during the winter months. The drainage issue was compounded by the large evergreen trees surrounding the lot and producing the constant dropping of pine needles. The resulting debris would easily clog any standard drainage system.

Our staff recommended installing a two cell in ground holding tank with a sump pump. The pump would provide a method to catch and filter the water, and then pump it off site. A custom two-celled structure was designed in accordance with Stop Leak’s on-site volume measurements. The resulting vault was cast in reinforced concrete and delivered to the work-site.

Prior to its arrival, a hole was dug to receive the vault. A large (TMS-500E) crane was brought in to unload and place the vault in its final resting position. The deeper of the two cells functions as a collection vault. The shallower cell receives the water that spills from the receiving cell. The oversized sump pump was placed at the bottom of the second, shallower cell. A discharge line was installed underground which leads directly to the roadway where the ground water is discharged; ultimately finding it’s way to the county stormwater system. Finally, underground electric was run from the building to the pump.

Once installed, the perimeter was backfilled and the entire lot was resurfaced with a slight slope to the vault. Naturally, the system requires maintenance. The receiving cell must be cleaned occasionally and the pump must be checked to verify that it is working.  Now when employees and customers park in this lot, they are not stepping in ankle deep water and/or sliding on ice while trying to visit the tenants of the building. Another quality project engineered and constructed by Stop Leak.

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