Full House Pressure Relief System



When a homeowner who had experienced water intrusion in his basement for many years decided to solve the problem once and for all, he called in the experts from Stop Leak. It was determined that water was entering through the wall cove (where the floor and the wall meet) and building within the block walls. First, the basement was totally cleared of drywall, paneling, insulation and asbestos tile flooring. At which point, the crew from Stop Leak entered and installed a Pressure Relief System and French drain, patched all cracks in the block walls and installed water proof panels in isolated areas.

The crew worked as a finely tuned machine, jackhammering the concrete floor slab, digging, loading all debris into a dumpster, and disposing of the material at a recycling center. The 4” diameter perforated drainpipe was installed with fall leading to one of four sump pumps in the home. After the pipe and pumps were installed, the concrete floor was re-poured and the job site was cleaned thoroughly. During the entire operation, negative air machines were in use with filters changed daily to remove concrete and stone dust from the air during construction.

Now complete, the home has a guaranteed dry basement!

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