Concrete Stairs


Many homes, both old and new have steps leading from their front sidewalk up to their porch. When installed, they generally conform to code, with regard to width and height. Sometimes however, they do not meet code. Many times after being in place for a number of years the steps crack, settle, tilt, and/or deteriorate due to chipping and/or snow melting products. The appearance will detract from your home’s value, as they look unsightly. More importantly though, steps which are not to code can be tripping hazards and potential lawsuits waiting to happen. Not to mention, if you are thinking of selling, a home inspector could site you for steps out of code.

Our staff of experts can remove and replace precast steps and/or construct totally new steps depending on the conditions. When complete, these new steps will improve the appearance of your home and provide safe entry for you and your guests.

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